Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Green Tea Meditations

I haven't been able to update this blog in sometime. My reason, as always, is living a busy lifestyle. Having a fast pace life filled with work, socialising, friends, lovers, taxes and the various other worries that preoccupy us can be a distraction from actually attaining what is truely of worth; knowing yourself.

One of my favourite thinkers among theologians (and philosophers) is Kierkegaard. One very important, yet beautifully simple thing he asks us to remember is "don't forget to love yourself". It sounds obvious enough, but how many of us properly understand its meaning on a subjective level? How many of us can truthfully say "I know what it means to really love myself"?

When we fill our lives with all the distractions life throws, offers and demands of us we forget to remember how to know ourselves. Engaging with the reality of you is essential in living a fulfilling existence.

Now, upon reading this, please don't rush out and try to indulge your every desire. This is not learning to know and love yourself, but rather another set of distractions. What I recommend is to take some time absorbing yourself in the small things, like eating, washing, and, best of all in my opinion, sitting in silence with a hot pot of Jasmine tea.

So, while learning to appreciate the feel of cool water on your face after you wake up, being aware of the food you're eating and paying attention to brewing the perfect cup of Jasmine, you'll also be discovering who you are. While you're sitting in solitude, absorbed in silence, sipping your tea and watching the first winter snows fall, please don't forget to love yourself.


  1. Tea is so often the path to peace. A good tea can not be rushed, nor let to sit to long. It must be treated with skilled patience. How such a simple pile of leaves can begin to change the view of the world, is a truly wonderful thing.

  2. I like what you did with your blog.
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